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CeritarakyatNusantara.com Appeals Your Support


Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu

CeritaRakyatNusantara.com is a cyber portal as well as a database of cerita rakyat (folklores), collected from the entire Nusantara (Malay Archipelago), that is under the management of Balai Kajian dan Pengambangan Budaya Melayu-BKPBM (the Center for Research and Development of Malay Culture). The portal zero in on efforts to document and preserve a number of folklores bearing ethical, moral, and spiritual messages as well as the immense value of local wisdom of the Nusantara.

CeritaRakyatNusantara.com is a means of developing the multicultural awareness, a practice of giving importance to all cultures in a society. For parents, teachers, story tellers, academicians, and children, it is the right choice to know the folklores from the entire Malay Archipelago, and to discern the socio-cultural background of the places where the folklores come from.

CeritaRakyatNusantara.com is dedicated fully to the glory of culture in the Nusantara. It is a non-profit oriented portal with the shortage of funding to underpin its operation. So far, there is no any support, either from governmental or non-governmental institutions; thus, we are not capable of guaranteeing its existence in the future.

From this, CeritaRakyatNusantara.com would be very grateful to all of you who might to spend some sorts of support taking the forms in:

  • Data, articles, stories, information, and references
  • Funding for operational costs
  • Invitation for news and event report to be published on the portal

CeritaRakyatNusantara.com upholds a mission to preserve the oral tradition materialized in the form of folklore, thus cannot accommodate commercial advertisement through the portal to sustain its operation. It prefers non-commercial advertisement to commercial advertisement however. It is open widely for all kinds of cooperation as long as the cooperation is still on the same line as its vision and mission.

CeritaRakyatNusantara.com humbly begs your real contribution in the form of donation. Donation can be transferred to:

Balai Kajian Melayu
Bank Mandiri Cabang Yogyakarta, Indonesia
A/C No: 137.00.0470000.7

The donation is to be used for coping with operational costs detailed below:

  • Hardware maintenances
  • Overhead costs
  • Salary
  • Bandwidth and rackspace costs
  • Domain hosting
  • Software development
  • Data collecting

In gratitude and appreciation for all you have given to CeritaRakyatNusantara.com, the names of every single donator and the amount of donation are to be announced through the portal with approval from the donators before hand. There would be annual financial report that is to be published at the end of a year.

All you have donated to CeritaRakyatNusantara.com would be certainly worth for a better future both for the readers and the portal itself. For that reason, CeritaRakyatNusantara.com would like to deliver the deepest gratitude to all support you have given.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu

(The Center for Research and Development of Malay Culture)
Form of Donation

We would like to participate in both preserving and developing Malay Cultural haritage. Below is the amount of our financial support that hopefully would be usefull.
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    Please Transfer to :
Balai Kajian Melayu
Bank Mandiri Cabang Yogyakarta, Indonesia
A/C No : 137.00.0470000.7
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