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Ande-Ande Lumut

East Java - Indonesia
Ande-Ande Lumut
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As retold by Samsuni

Ande-Ande Lumut is a pseudonym of a prince of Jenggala Kingdom whose real name is Panji Asmarabangun. According to the story, Panji hides his true identity to find his wife who leaves the palace. Why does she go? Can the prince find her? Read the following story.


Long ago in East Java, there stood twin kingdoms namely Jenggala, which was ruled by King Jayengnegara, and Kediri, whose king was Jayengrana. The kingdoms were once united under Kahuripan. The king of Kahuripan, Airlangga, before his death had a will that whatever happened, they had to be together as one. So to avoid war, the kingdoms decided to reunite through a marriage of the kings’ children. Panji Asmarabangun, son of Jayengnegara, was married to Dewi Sekartaji, daughter of Jayengrana.

Once upon a time, Jenggala was attacked by a large number of people. When the war broke out, Princess Dewi Sekartaji ran away and hid out in a desolate village. She went in disguise as a village girl and then served a wealthy widow called Nyai Intan. Nyai Intan had three beautiful daughters, Kleting Abang, Kleting Ijo, and Kleting Biru. After a while, she fostered Dewi Sekartaji and gave her the name of Kleting Kuning.

Kleting Kuning did all the housekeeping and cooking in the house. She was more like a servant than a child. Nyai Intan and her daughters often scolded her and treated her badly. It was good enough if the girl had only one meal a day.

In the meantime in Jenggala, Panji Asmarabangun together with his troop managed to drive out the enemies. The victory was just a short relief for him as he could not find his beloved wife. Heaven knew where she was.

With the kingdom restoring its security, the prince devoted his time to seek his wife. Right away he commanded his soldiers to gather as much information as could be. Then, in one fine afternoon, a soldier came up to him.

“I have good news for you, Your Highness,” reported the man.

“Did you find anything?” asked the prince eagerly.

“I saw a woman that looked like the princess, Your Highness, in a small village. But I’m not sure yet that she was her because she was only a village woman who worked for a rich widow.”

In the next few days, Panji decided to pass himself off as a prince who was looking for a wife. He was headed for Dadapan, a village at the bank of Bengawan Solo River, with some guards. The village was not far from where Kleting Kuning lived.

Under the name of Ande-Ande Lumut, Panji stayed in a modest house of an old widow called Mbok Randa. He soon announced to the people that he was holding a contest to find a wife. In a very short time, it spread out to all corners of the village and to the neighboring villages.

Kleting Abang, Kleting Ijo, and Kleting Biru were so happy to hear that. They dressed up as beautiful as possible to win the prince’s heart. They were sure he would fall for one of them.

“We should always look pretty, sister. Mother will be glad if one of us becomes a princess,” said Kleting Abang.

On the due day, the girls seemed ready. They put on their best dresses and jewelry. When they were wearing their make up, Kleting Kuning came up to them.

“Wow, you guys are so beautiful!” she said.

“Hi, Kleting Kuning! Do you want to take part in the contest too?” asked Kleting Abang.

“That’s unlikely. You don’t even have a dress. You certainly can’t go out there in such a terrible look,” mocked Kleting Ijo.

“Hahaha! That’s right. You can’t go to the contest. You’d better stay home and finish your job. Go, do the laundry!” shouted Kleting Biru while pointing at a pile of their dirty clothes.

Kleting Kuning took the dirty clothes and went to a nearby river. She actually did not want to go to the contest since a memory of her husband was still in his mind. She would not see anyone else as long as the prince was still alive. Whilst at the riverbank, suddenly a heron approached her. It weirdly talked like a human and grabbed a whip in its feet.

“O princess! Pray, care to go to the contest in Dadapan. There you will meet your husband. Take this whip, you may need it,” said the heron, putting the whip on a stone next to Kleting Kuning.

The lady barely said anything when the mysterious bird flew up high in the sky and got out of sight. Without hesitating, Kleting Kuning rushed back home and dressed up for the contest.

By that time, Nyai Intan and her three daughters had left. They reached the bank of Bengawan Solo River. But they could not get across a river that deep and wide. It happened that not a single boat was seen around there.

“Mother, how can we get across?” asked Kleting Ijo in confusion.

“Yes, mother. What do we do now?” added Kleting Biru.

“Wait, wait. Look at that! What is that?” said Kleting Abang.

They were taken aback to see a giant crab floating upon the stream. They did not know that the crab was Yuyu Kangkang, Ande Ande Lumut’s henchman assigned to test the participants.

“Do you need help, ladies?” asked the crab.

“Can you really get us across?” asked Kleting Abang back.

Yuyu Kangkang laughed.

“Ha… ha… ha!! I can do that, but I have a condition,” the crab said.

“What is it? Tell us quick!” urged Kleting Ijo. “Whatever it is, we will do that as long as you can take us to the other side of the river.”

“Well, then. I want all of you to kiss me,” said Yuyu Kangkang in teasing fashion.

Kleting Abang and her two sisters agreed. One by one, they stuck out their neck and kissed the crab. After that, Yuyu Kangkang told them to get on his back and took them across.

Not very long afterwards, Kleting Kuning showed up at the river bank. Like before, Yuyu Kangkang offered a help under the same condition: she had to give him a kiss. Kleting Kuning refused it. She did not want to kiss anyone while still having a husband. But she begged for help anyway. The crab turned away. He did not want to lend a hand until he got a kiss. Kleting Kuning began to lose patience. She lashed the stream with her whip, making the river water dwindle. Witnessing such a power, Yuyu Kangkang was petrified. He quickly took her across and even to Dadapan Village.

In Mbok Randa’s house, Kleting Kuning met her sisters and mother. Not long after, Ande-Ande Lumut came out. The ladies showed off their beauties in front of the prince. But he did not seem impressed by any of them. Nyai Intan started to feel worried. She went forward and got on her knees before the prince.

“Take one of my daughters, prince. They are all beautiful, aren’t they?” the widow begged.

Ande-Ande Lumut only smiled.

“They are indeed charming. But I am not going to pick any of them,” said Ande Ande Lumut.

“Guards! Lead that lady in yellow dress here!” commanded him, referring to the girl sitting on the back row. She was Kleting Kuning.

“I will take you as wife. Will you say yes?” the prince asked the modest looking lady.

Everyone in the place was surprised, moreover Nyai Intan and her daughters.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness! Why do you pick that rakish woman instead of my daughters?” asked Nyai Intan.

Again, Ande-Ande Lumut smiled, and then said, “Nyai Intan! Just so you know why I don’t choose your daughters. It is because they have been disgraced by Yuyu Kangkang, the giant crab. I pick this lady because she is still clean. She refused to kiss the crab.”

Afterwards, Ande-Ande Lumut revealed to Kleting Kuning who he really was. The husband and wife finally reunited again. As for Nyai Intan and her daughters, they walked home with disappointment and embarrassment.


The characters of Kelting Abang, Kleting Ijo, and Kleting Biru represent greedy girls who cannot keep their honor. They dream to be a wife of a prince and are willing to do anything for that, even sacrificing their purity. In the end, they tragically get nothing.

Ande-Ande Lumut and Kleting Kuning both represent a faithful lover. Despite everything that befalls them, they remain firm on their love to each other. As a result, after a long separation, they reunite with each other. It is a clear example of where faithfulness could lead people to.


Translation by Reza Daffi

[1] Abang: red

[2] Ijo: green

[3] Biru : blue

[4] Kuning: yellow

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