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  Pan (Balinese for “Mr.”) Kasim is a poor man who lives with his wife Men (“Mrs.”) Kasim in a ragged shack in a village in Bali. One day, when looking for firewood in the jungle, Pan Kasim helps a giant snake who turns out possessing supernatural power. In return of ...detail... »


  Calon Arang is an evil sorcerer. One day she casts a mysterious plague on the people of Kahuripan Kingdom. Right away, the king of Kahuripan, Sri Baginda Erlangga, commands his ministers and soldiers to capture her, but they fail. What would the king do to stop Calon Arang? Find out in the ...detail... »


  Batu Kuwung is a hot spring situated 32 km south of Serang, Banten province, Indonesia. Batu Kuwung means hollow stone. According to the local belief, the hot spring was formed by a magical event. What is it? Find out in the following story. *** In the reign of Sultan Haji hundreds of ...detail... »


  Rara Jonggrang is the charming daughter of King Baka who rules in Prambanan Kingdom. Once upon a time, a warrior from Pengging Kingdom named Bandawasa comes to propose her. Rara answers that she will accept his proposal on one condition: he must first build her no less than a thousand ...detail... »


  As retold by Daryatun A long time ago in the village of Tarub, there lived a widow called Mbok Randha Tarub. Since the death of her husband, she took a boy as a son. Years passed by, the boy was now a man. People called him Jaka Tarub. Jaka Tarub was a good guy. He liked to help other ...detail... »


As retold by Samsuni Lutung Kasarung is a poem well known in Sundanese society in West Java, Indonesia. The poem tells about the journey of Sanghyang Guruminda from heaven to earth in which he turns into a lutung, a long-tailed black monkey. On earth, he gets lost in a jungle, thus the name Lutung ...detail... »


  Pitung is a legendary figure and hero for Betawi people in Jakarta. He is believed to be a silat master yet so pious and humble. With his skills, he fought for ordinary folks that were oppressed by the colonial Dutch. He robbed those who became rich by being the colonial government’s ...detail... »


Bintan is the biggest isle in the province of Riau Islands. The province’s capital, Tanjung Pinang, is in there. The isle is inhabited by diverse ethnicities such as Malay, Chinese, Minang, Batak, Java, and so on. There is an ethnic group known as Sampan Tribe or Laut Tribe too. They live on ...detail... »


Anok Lumang is a poor young man who lives in Tanah Sekalawi (present Lebong Regency), Bengkulu Province, Indonesia. In the local language, the name "anok lumang" means "an orphan”. However, with his patience, hard work, and perseverance in praying, Anok Lumang finally marries a beautiful girl ...detail... »


Payakumbuh is a municipality in West Sumatra, Indonesia. In this are, there sits a kingdom called Batang Tabik. People say there once lived Mak Isun Kayo, a horse-cart business owner. Besides running the business, he also pets a crowd of beruks (monkeys). One day he is surprised to see the monkeys ...detail... »

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