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As retold by Samsuni Mount Merapi sits largely in Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta, with some parts cover the areas of some regencies in Central Java Province, i.e. Magelang, Boyolali, and Klaten. According to the local people, the land on which the mountain is situated was once plain. Following an ...detail... »


As retold by Samsuni Ande-Ande Lumut is a pseudonym of a prince of Jenggala Kingdom whose real name is Panji Asmarabangun. According to the story, Panji hides his true identity to find his wife who leaves the palace. Why does she go? Can the prince find her? Read the following story. *** ...detail... »


As retold by Samsuni Timun Mas is a beautiful girl who is kind-hearted, smart, and brave. She is very dear to his mother, Mbok Srini. One day, an evil giant comes to eat Timun Mas. Why? And do the mother and daughter survive? You had better read the following story. *** There was a kampong in ...detail... »


As retold by Samsuni Sangkuriang is a legend well-known among the people of Sunda, West Java, Indonesia. It tells a story of the young Sangkuriang’s efforts to win the heart of Dayang Sumbi, a charming woman who, surprisingly, is his own mother. They love each other, but then after revealing ...detail... »


As retold by Samsuni Untung Suropati is a brave soldier who fights the Dutch colonial government in Nusantara. The story of his legendary struggle has been written in many forms of prose, such as historical prose, novel, and also folktale. How his struggle goes? Find out in the following story. ...detail... »


As retold by Samsuni Putri Siluman wards a well in Lampung, Indonesia. She was known to have the power to give fertility to those childless couple. One day, a king came to ask for her help—he wants a boy to succeed him in the future. But alas, he falls in love with Putri Siluman and marries ...detail... »


As retold by Samsuni Putri Serindang Bulan is the seventh daughter of King Mawang. She possesses an unbearable beauty and, sorry to say, a mysterious illness. Everytime a king comes to her with a marriage offer, she will suddenly has scabies all over her body. It is an embarrassment to the royal ...detail... »


As retold by Samsuni Senua Isle is situated off Cape Senubing Bunguran Timur, Natuna, Riau Islands Province, Indonesia. The word senua in the local language means “two bodies in one”. People say, the isle that is famous for being a habitat of white swallows is an incarnation of a ...detail... »


As retold by Samsuni Rambun Pamenan is a son of a widow living in a small village in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Rambun’s mother, Lindung Bulan, is famous in the kingdom and beyond for her beauty. Lindung Bulan is kidnapped and put in jail after turning down a marriage offer from King Angek ...detail... »


As retold by Samsuni Telaga Biru is a lake situated in Mamuya Village, Galela District, North Halmahera, North Maluku, Indonesia. It was named so because the water is pure and bluish (“Telaga Biru” means “Blue Lake”). Based on the story, the lake was formed by the tears of ...detail... »

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