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West Sulawesi, often referred to by the contraction Sulbar (Sulawesi Barat), is a province quite new in the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Established on  5th October 2004, its biggest inhabitants were Mandar ethnic group (49.15%), compared to the other ethnic groups namely Toraja (13.95%), ...detail... »


As retold by Samsuni Limonu is the second son of King Naha and grandson of King Ilato from West Land Kingdom in Gorontalo. When he is in his mother's womb, his father and brother Paha are killed in a war against his own master, Hemuto. The prince does not know this until he grows up. Will Limonu ...detail... »


As retold by Samsuni Pande Gelang is a handsome prince who possesses supernatural power. Once upon a time, all his power is stolen by a fellow apprentice, Prince Cunihin. With the magical strength, Prince Cunihin turns Prince Pande Gelang into an old man in order to win the heart of Prince ...detail... »


Banta Berensyah was a fatherless boy who lived with his poor mother. He was diligent and always patient in coping with his uncle’s scolding, Jakub. His hard work and forbearance took him to marry a beautiful princess and become a king. Here is the story. *** Once, in a remote village in ...detail... »


North Tapanuli Regency, one of the Regencies in North Sumatra, has Tarutung as its capital. In this area there are several well-known lakes such as Toba, Si Losung and Si Pinggan. The latter two are, however, not as famous as the former. Both lakes are situated in Silahan area, Lintong Ni Huta ...detail... »


As retold by Samsuni Semesat and Semesit were two princes who love playing football. One day, they were slandered by their stepmother, resulting in expulsion from the palace. Having no home, they were rambling around the jungle. How did they deal with life after that? Here is the story of Semesat ...detail... »


The Holy Stone (Batu Keramat) lies on top of Mount Kamboi Rama, Kepulauan Yapen Regency, Papua, Indonesia. Once a year, the local people hold a ceremony to worship the holy stone. Why do they sanctify and worship the stone? Who found it first? Find the answer in the story of The Legend of the Holy ...detail... »


As retold by Samsuni Nenek Luhu is actually the name of a lady who is believed to disappear misteriously. The story of her is told in a legend of Ambon people, Maluku. She will come out everytime there is sunshower. The local people believe in such weather, they shall not go out of their houses as ...detail... »


Retold by Samsuni Raden Alit is one of the two sons of Ratu Ageng, the king of Tanjung Kemuning, Ogan Komering Ulu Timur (OKUT) Regency, South Sumatra. Once upon a time, his elder sister Dayang Bulan was kidnapped by Malim Hitam, son of the king of Salek Alam.  Why did Malim Hitam kidnap ...detail... »


As retold by Reza Daffi Negros is an island lies west of Mindanao Island, southern part of the Philippines Archipelago. In the island there stands a huge mountain that is smoking all the time, called Canlaon. The locals believe that the rolling of smoke out of the mountain top is not merely due ...detail... »

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