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Jeram is the name of a kampong in Bandar Kuala Selangor, Selangor State, Malaysia. The kampong is situated 19 miles away from Klang or about 10 miles from the center of Bandar Kuala Selangor. The kampong’s residents add up to about 5.000 in number. They work as farmers, fishermen, teachers, ...detail... »


The 35.515 km2 Pahang Darul Makmur is the largest island in Malaysian Peninsula with Kuantan as its capital. It lies near Pahang River, the longest river in the Peninsula. Once, there lived a poor and lazy married couple. One day, they became suddenly rich. How did it happen? Read the following ...detail... »


Long time ago in Aceh lived a just and wise king. He lived in peace with a beautiful and noble queen. The queen was having their first baby. After nine months of pregnancy, she gave birth to a handsome baby boy. The king was overwhelmed to see his future successor. The baby was then named Banta ...detail... »


Rantau Abang is the name of a pekan (small town) in Trengganu, Malaysia. The pekan, which is 80 kilometers away from Kuala Trengganu or 22 kilometers from Kuala Dungun, has an exquisite white sand beach. The beach is called Rantau Abang. It is where sea turtles come to lay eggs between May and ...detail... »


La Upe was a poor motherless boy who lived in a kampong in South Sulawesi. La Upe was taken from Buginese language. The words la means man, and upe means lucky. Thus, La Upe literally means lucky man. In return to his patience, God helped in difficult times. How hard was the life of La Upe and how ...detail... »


Malacca is one of the towns situated at the south of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The town has a lot of history that the people call it Melaka Bandaraya Bersejarah (Malacca, The Historic City). In Tun Sri Lanang’s The Malay Annals (1565), it is stated that the town used to be called as Sungai ...detail... »


In the life of Malay people, there is a tradition known as berkapur-sirih, a tradition to munch sirih (betel leaf) served together with kapur (lime) and pinang (areca nut). This is practiced also by Vietnam’s Malay community. In fact, among the Malayo-Vietnamese, there have long been told an ...detail... »


  A very long time ago in the land of Bali, lived a king whose name was Sri Bagening. The King had a number of wives. Ni Luh Pasek was the last one. She originally came from Panji Village and was a descent of Kyai Pasek Gobleng. When she got pregnant, the King left her under the guard of Kyai ...detail... »


Some Indonesian provinces become widely famous for their traditionally woven clothes. One of those provinces is South Kalimantan. The two most famous weavings typically of South Kalimantan are Sasirangan and Pagatan weavings. Not only does the weaving become famous for its various colours and ...detail... »


The province of West Kalimantan is one Indonesian province bordered directly to the eastern Malaysia. There are so many rivers here; thus the province is called “the province of the thousands river.” Amongst the local inhabitants of West Kalimantan, a girl was cursed with a stone just ...detail... »

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