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Dohong was a handsome boy who earned his living from catching bird and selling them at market. He used to hunt for birds at dawn until the sun is going to set. One day, he was shocked to see there was a girl inside his house, several days after he caught up a beautiful bird. Who`s that girl? And ...detail... »


Amongst the local inhabitants of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, Tanduk Alam is known as a prominent Islamic scholar who was originally from Palembang, South Sumatra, but most of his time was spent in the Land of Banggai, Central Sulawesi. There was a time the king of Banggai asked for help from him ...detail... »


Referring to Concise Oxford English Dictionary (11th Edition), a mermaid is clearly defined as “a mythical sea creature with the head and trunk of a woman and the tail of a fish.” The definition might be globally accepted by all people around the globe, but not about its origin. The ...detail... »


Mount Mekongga, 2,620 meters above the sea level, is located in the sub-district of Ranteangin, Kolaka District, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. Mekongga alone, in the local language, means a giant hawk murdered on the hand of a boy named Tasahea from the Land of Loeya. So is there any relation ...detail... »


Seger Kuta Beach in Central Lombok District is one of the worth visiting beaches in West Nusa Tenggara.  This beautiful beach is located about 65 kilometres away from Mataram City. Seger Kuta is the heaven for those searching for tranquil holiday, just for escaping away from daily activities ...detail... »


Kekekow is a kind of bird found in Minahasa, North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. The word “kekekow” is derived from a local word that means “you are a girl;” “keke” (girl) and “kow” (you). People believe that there was a kekekow bird living in a ...detail... »


Abo Mamongkuroit was just a poor man who lived with his wife Putri Monondeaga at a forest in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Unfortunately, Mamongkuroit’s wife was once kidnapped by a giant cannibal when he was working far away from home. Could he release his beloved wife from the giant cannibal? ...detail... »


Dumai was a fishermen village located in eastern coastal area of recent Riau Province, Indonesia. However, after the discovering of natural resources, now Dumai becomes a petroleum region visited by many traders. Since 1999, Dumai has become a busy harbor to which many oil tankers and vessels ...detail... »


People are different characteristically. Some are good and some others are not. There was a poor family in an area in Riau, Indonesia. The parents had 3 sons with different characters. The oldest and the middle children were totally different to the youngest one. The youngest was so diligent that ...detail... »


The name Singapore is historically from Temasik. The word “Temasik” is taken from ancient Javanese that means “look alike an ocean”, while it means “marshy forest” in the Malay language. Singapore was firstly named as Temasik because it lies on the edge of an ...detail... »

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