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Riau is one of provinces in Indonesia located in Sumatra Island. It is well known for the cultural heritages which become the icon for the Riau society. There are various kinds of arts developed in it, some of which are dance, music, carving, weaving, painting, martial art, and theater. Amidst ...detail... »


Indragiri Hilir district, well known as “Negeri Seribu Parit” (the country of one thousand ditches), includes in the province of Riau, Sumatra, Indonesia. Both swamps and rivers flow everywhere in the district. Indragiri River, whose upper course in Bukit Barisan, West Sumatra, flows ...detail... »


Daik Lingga is the capital of the sub-district Lingga, the province of Riau Islands. This youngest sub-district in Indonesia, which is dubbed as “Si Bungsu” (literally means: the youngest),  is also called as “Bunda Tanah Melayu” (the Mother of the Malayan land). Daik ...detail... »


One of the riches owned by Indonesia is the variety of its tribes. In Riau, there is a tribe which is known as Talang Mamak. According to some scholars, the tribe is included in Old Malay or Proto Malay which is indigenous tribe of Indragiri namely “Tuha Tribe”, which means the first ...detail... »


Riau is one of provinces in Indonesia which is located in Sumatra island. In the past, there was a well-known kingdom namely Indragiri Kingdom. The time of Indragiri establishment is a matter of debate. However, the first government of Indragiri could be known from the first king, King Kecik ...detail... »


Kelayang is the name of sub-district in Indragiri Hulu district, Riau province, Indonesia. There was a village named Keloyang. Its name stem from Keloyang pond. Once upon time, there was a pond visited often by a group of flying fairies from heaven. In every full moon, those fairies came to the ...detail... »


A name addressed to an area or a place usually is related to an incident or legend that happened (or assume to happen) in the surroundings.  In the province of Riau, Indonesia, people name some areas in relation to the incidents that happened in the surroundings, the legend of Batang Tuaka for ...detail... »

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