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January 13th, 2010 02:06

Ceritarakyatnusantara.com relies on your individual donations (Starting from 11 January 2010)

Ceritarakyatnusantara.com relies on your individual donations (Starting from 11 January 2010)

Please make your supports to keep Ceritarakyatnusantara.com going

Dear wise readers,

We want to thank you all so much for willingly paying attention and taking time to register (login). The registration data would be very helpful for us to know and diversify our readers, in a hope that we could present folklores that fit your interest more in the future.

Readers, whom we honor,

It has been a year that Ceritarakyatnusantara.com online retelling folklores from all over Indonesia for free, having the holder of the site to cover the cost entirely. Indeed we have been doing this sincerely and happily, because we think giving good services is the most important thing.

We really want to stay a free site all the time by relying on the donations of some related parties as well as advertisements. However, the promised donations seem to be only words, never to be fulfilled. It so happens that our income from advertisements is not even sufficient, while monthly operational maintenance of the site costs not little, covering the need of:

  • Research and data collecting,
  • Hosting rent and internet connection,
  • Transportation, discussion, book and software purchases,
  • Computer equipments and all supporting hardware,
  • Office overhead, including electricity, telephone, and equipments,
  • Salaries of redactors, photographers, editors, reporters, translators, office boys, and security guards.

We have arrived at a point where we are no longer able to bear all the costs by ourselves. Thus, in order to keep Ceritarakyatnusantara.com alive, we would apply premium membership system to you.

The membership fees will go as follows:

  • Rp. 30.000,- / month
  • Rp. 70.000,- / 3 months
  • Rp. 125.000,- / 6 months
  • Rp. 225.000,- / 12 months
  • Rp. 500.000,- / 36 months (3 years)

The payment can be made via Mandiri Bank or BCA:

Mandiri Bank
Yogyakarta Branch – Gejayan, Indonesia
Account Number: 137.0004.70000.7
Account Holder: Balai Kajian Melayu



Yogyakarta Branch – Katamso, Indonesia
Account Number: 445.085.9732
Account Holder: Mahyudin Al Mudra

(Please send us notification about your payment right after through the given form or email at info@melayuonline.com or SMS to +6281313 9494 58 )


It is not our intention to do business in Ceritarakyatnusantara.com with the premium membership system. We do this for us; it is one for all, all for one. Your donations would certainly be much appreciated. Later, were all expenditures of the site covered by contributions from the Government and donators as well as advertisements, we would be very happy to return a free site.

We hope it would not make you mind or even drop off your interests to visit Ceritarakyatnusantara.com. Please, always enjoy reading.

Best Cultural Regards,

Boards of Ceritarakyatnusantara.com

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