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July 11th, 2009 02:45

A cultural feast at the Jakarta Fairgrounds

A cultural feast at the Jakarta Fairgrounds

Jakarta- There was something special on offer for visitors at the Jakarta Fair being held in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, last Sunday. As they enjoyed the annual trade event with family and friends, they also had a chance to watch a cultural performance as part of the 2nd International Folklore Festival.

Under the theme "World for Indonesia", the event presented cultural shows by dance troupes from as far afield as India, Malaysia, the Philippines and Poland.

Indonesia, as the host country, presented a modified Balipong dance - a combination of Balinese traditional music with West Javanese Jaipong dance. A contemporary dance, Tari Langgeng Nyai, was performed by teenagers. Another dance, Puspa Wresti, was performed to entertain the audience.

Grouped under the Sri Pekan Art Association, the Malaysian delegates performed a combination of Indian and Malay choreography. Meanwhile, the Philippine artists presented the Pasingin dance, in which the dancers used a fishnet as a prop.

The Polish artists performed dances from the 19th century, while the Indian delegates presented a classical composition called Khatak, from northern India. P.J. Leo

Source: TheJakartaPost.com (July 5th, 2009)

Photo: JakartaFair.biz


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