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Dear readers,

It has been about ten months – counted since January 20th, 2009 – CeritaRakyatNusantara.com has become the one and only website that focus on folklores and children stories in Indonesia. As of November 7th, 2009, CeritaRakyatNusantara.com has been visited more than 450 thousands people from many countries in the world; a statistics that of course makes us proud of it, considering our status as a media concerned with cultural preservation and development. Now, CeritaRakyatNusantara.com has more than 200 stories in two edition (Indonesian Language and English), opinions, and articles about myth, legend, folk, and children world.

During the length of time, we have endeavoured to compile scattering data on folklores and stories from many regions and countries, to classify them, to write them down on MelayuOnline.com, to discuss them, and to translate them. However, we do not even know: who you are; where you are from; what your occupations are; and what your interests are. We remember about a saying, “You can’t love what you don’t know,” and thereby we want to know about you and many other visitors.

We have set CeritaRakyatNusantara.com a “registered-visitor-only” website since September 7th, 2009. You are suggested to register yourself by filling in the forms, which is expected to spend about one or two minutes. By registering yourself into CeritaRakyatNusantarae.com, you are now free to browse all the website’s contents, such as New Story and Article. Those two menus require visitors to login first.

We do believe that you won’t object to this. All of this is merely aimed at improving our services to you and other visitors. Just put in your active email address when you are registering to CeritaRakyatNusantara.com membership. The membership activation link will be sent to your email by our webmaster, soon after you have finished the registration phase. From your email inbox, click the activation link, and therefore you may now browse the entire menus on CeritaRakyatNusantara.com.

Your personal data is kept very secret at our database; thus, why not register yourself now and explore the entire menus on CeritaRakyatNusantara.com.

Best regards

CeritaRakyatNusantara.com’s Public Relations

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