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Hang Tuah
Rp. 25.000
Author  : Mosthamir Thalib
Publisher  : The Center for Research and Development of Malay Culture in cooperation with Adicita Karya Nusa Publisher
Date of Publishing  : July 31st, 2003
Page  : x + 110 pages
Size  : 12,2 x 18,8 cm HVS
Edition  : 1st, 2003
Review  : Hang Tuah, the most popular story amongst the Malay people, bears so much learning such as heroism, tolerance. Likewise, the story seemingly would like to summon the readers to respecting other people, be honest to them, and loving them. This book delivers the story of Hang Tuah in an understandable language and communicatively attractive pictures depicting every part of the story. It is proper for those who are studying the history, culture, and language of Malay. 
Price  : IDR 25.000.00 (Exclude delivery charge)
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