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Dang Gedunai, Asal Mula Naga di Laut Lepas
Rp. 12.500
Author  : Mahyudin Al Mudra & Tuti Sumarningsih
Publisher  : The Center for Research and Development of Malay Culture in cooperation with Adicita Karya Nusa Publisher
Date of Publishing  : July 31st, 2005
Page  : 36 pages Duotone
Size  : 21 x 15 cm HVS
Edition  : 1st, 2005
Review  : Dang Gedunai was a disobedience boy towards everyone. One day he found an egg in the riverbank of a river nearby his house. His mother did not allow him to eat the egg but, he kept ignoring everyone’s advice. He boiled the egg and ate it. Afer that, he was dreaming of a big female snake coming to him. What was going on? What are the relations between his dream and the snake? Want to know the reaction of his mother?
Price  : IDR 12.500.00 (Exclude delivery charge)
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