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Penghulu Tiga Lorong
Rp. 12.500
Author  : Mahyudin Al Mudra & Tuti Sumarningsih
Publisher  : The Center for Research and Development of Malay Culture in cooperation with Adicita Karya Nusa Publisher
Date of Publishing  : July 31st, 2005
Page  : 36 pages, Duotone
Size  : 21 x 15 cm HVS
Edition  : 1st, 2005
Review  : This book delivers the story of Indragiri Kingdom in Pekan Tua, under the rule of a cruel regent named Datuk Dobalang settling Sibuai Tinggi. No one was brave enough to fight against his cruelty unless three brothers who were later on able to defeat the ruler. After defeating the ruler, those three brothers were inngaugurated as Penghulu Tiga Lorong.This book bears so much learning, especially on moral values, emphasizing that evil deed never wins upon good deed at all times. Completed with funny colorful illustrations and easy language, this book is proper for children.     
Price  : IDR 12.500.00 (Exclude delivery charge)
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